Free text messages have become popular because they can be used where voice calls are impossible to use or impracticable. There are also situations where voice conversations are unacceptable i.e. in hospitals, classrooms, churches and many public places. In such places the text message is most appropriate. There are various Free Text Messages Services in UK which offer free SMS and text messaging services for free. These free text messages are sent instantly and are received almost immediately. This service is fast and reliable.

There are many providers that offer free text messages services to any UK mobile phone or cellular phone. They allow you to send a number of free text messages per day or month at no cost. There are providers that allow unlimited number of free text messages especially when you top-up or update your payments without requiring registration. Different providers differ because while others are free there are some who require payment by the recipients before they can receive the free text message. In such a case the sender will need to confirm that the message was received and not declined.

There are many Free Text Messages Services in UK websites and it is important to read their Terms and Conditions. All you need to do is to write the number you are sending the free text message to, type the message and send it to your recipient if you agree to the Terms and Conditions. Some sites have Delivery Confirmation service where you can confirm that the recipient has received the message or not. Other sites have Free Replies service whereby you can receive the reply and you can continue with the conversation.

There are sites that offer international free text messaging and you can send free text messages to your friends and family worldwide. Some of these sites require that you register with them in order to receive the Free Text Messages Services in UK and worldwide. You will need to check which countries you can send the free text messages to because not all countries have these services. You will need o format the telephone number of the recipient to include the code of that country.

There are free SMS directories with free text messages service providers and websites which you can check for information and meanings of the shortcut language and abbreviations used in text messages.